XT-CF20 bike project release

June 24, 2015

Hey you 3D printing enthusiasts!

So this is what’s possible with everyday’s 3D printers and a suitable filament: the XT-CF20 bike

I’ve been working on this 3D printed bike during the past 5 months and now we are ready to publish this, it works like charm

We’ve used an Ultimaker Original Plus with a 0.8 nozzle to print these parts. Only the handle has been printed on the STACKER.

Printing the entire bike frame would take too much time and material, so we decided to print the lugs and connect tubes to them. The result is an amazingly strong bike frame at an acceptable weight.

The big benefit of making your own bike is that the sizes of the bike can be customized manually before 3D printing to preserve best ergonomics. Various types of tubing can be used including carbon, titanium, aluminum or bamboo.

3D printing allows a huge freedom of forms and allows unique features in the design. This has been used to implement a new kind of adhesive distribution system. With this technique one can assemble the bike and add an polyurethane adhesive which distributes itself to the right places without getting your hands dirty. The strength of the bike frame has been tested with a FEM analysis and, of course in real life use.

XT-CF20 bike project releaseXT-CF20 bike project release
XT-CF20 bike project releaseXT-CF20 bike project release
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