Han Solo's Blaster

June 11th, 2021

Han Solo's BlasterHan Solo's Blaster
"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." ~ Han Solo


Our colleague Paul (the one who in logistics handles all your orders and has printed the T-Rex and Akira bike before) knew we were working on PETG Semi-Matte Black and had a great idea: print Han Solo's Blaster (DL-44). Using the design by theFPVgeek he printed the main body on the Prusa Mk3. The entire print took about 40 hours to complete.


Blaster design by theFPVgeekBlaster design by theFPVgeek

Blaster design by theFPVgeek (Thingiverse link)

About PETG Semi-Matte Black

As our most recent material release PETG Semi-Matte Black we took our PETG to the next level. By reducing the glossiness of the material we made it possible to create high quality finish with PETG printed parts. Parts no longer look like high gloss cheap plastic, but have a high quality matte finish.

Like our regular PETG our latest filament is easy to print and no fibers or fillers have been used to obtain the semi-matte effect. Compared to the most widely used material in 3D printing, PLA, PETG has a higher toughness and higher temperature resistance.

Other materials used where our Color on Demand RAL 8001 Ochre Brown for the handle, PLA/PHA Shining Silver and a tiny bit of PLA/PHA Dutch Orange to indicate it's a prop (making Greedo breath a sigh of relief).

The blaster was printed with the following materials

Blaster design by theFPVgeek Blaster design by theFPVgeek



Blaster design by theFPVgeek Blaster design by theFPVgeek
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