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This is a new development which is close to home and close to our heart. In cooperation with the Dutch company Vibers, we’ve developed a biobased formulation including 10% Elephant grass. This type of grass grows incredibly efficient and catches 4 times the amount of CO2 per acre compared to a regular European forest. It’s grown on fallow soil not used for food cultivation and doesn’t need additional irrigation. What nature provides is enough for this plant to thrive. Due to the leaves being discarded overtime the soil receives important nutrients and revitalizes the soil. Once a year the crop is harvested, but only the tops, therefor the biodiversity remains intact.

The filament prints incredibly smooth, with soft matte looking surfaces and great haptics. Each PLA Vibers print has a third less (!) carbon footprint compared to regular PLA.The material will become available in more earth tone colors which supplement the sustainable look & feel of this unique material. Adding color to this formulation is what makes it standout from all the other fiber filled materials in the market. If you look closely you’ll see a hint of the cellulose fibers on the surface of each 3D printed part.

This filament comes on a carboard spool made from recycled cardboard to further minimize the use of single use plastic.

If you want to change the script, join the vibe with our new Vibers PLA.


Printed surface looks very smooth.

Matte surface finish.

Reduce C02 footprint by a third.

Sustainable look & feel.

Slightly more brittle compared to regular PLA.

Vibrant colors are not possible in this formulation.


PLA + Elephant Grass (Vibers)
Diameter Tolerance:
± 0.05 mm
1,24 g/cm3

Glass Transition Temperature:

Printing Advice

At colorFabb we have a well equipped 3d printing studio with a lot of popular 3d printers. We know our materials will give you excellent results and to help you get these results here are tips and tricks for using colorFabb 3d printing filament.

Advised 3D printing temperature 
Advised 3d print speed
40 - 100 mm/s

Advised Heated bed 

Cooling fan



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colorFabb Vibers PLA White creates the most stunning smooth and matte surface finish on 3D printed items and gives the user a chance to print more carbon neutral. The color reminds of marlstone, a tint of yellow but otherwise mostly white color. The material will become available in more earthtone colors which supplement the sustainable look&feel of this unique material.

Through our collaboration with the Dutch company Vibers we’ve been able to formulate the filament in such a way that it reduces its carbon footprint with a third compared to regular PLA.

This filament comes on a cardboard spool made from recycled cardboard to further minimize the use of single use plastic.

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